Our Wedding Date: October 24, 2015

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  • SOON.

    Invitations hit the mail today! Holy crap holy crap holy crap, this is ACTUALLY HAPPENING. Less than 2 months to go. Just...holy crap.


    Pretty pretty please remember to send back your RSVP, and put your name on it! We want to make sure we know who's coming and how many people will be there. :)

    Added by Cleo on Wed, Aug 26th 2015

  • What Have We Done?

    When I think about everything involved in planning a wedding, I get overwhelmed. However, we've managed to get a few things done, and the wedding isn't until October:

    • Venue is secured! We're holding it at the Deering Grange in Portland. It's a really cool old building with an awesome ceiling, a stage, and just a really funky feel to it.
    • Got my dress. That was surprisingly easy, despite having to strip down to my skivvies in front of a total stranger.
    • Got some decor. We have some paper lanterns, vases, and stuff like that. Need more, but we've got like, 8 months.
    • Have a totally sweet rockabilly band! Sean Mencher and his Rhythm Kings will help us dance the night away! They're amazing.
    • Have a photographer! My friend Nicolas Cook is a very talented photographer, and is shooting the wedding. I've got to meet with him to discuss ideas though, and to have a drink. I mean, the drink will be purely for fun, but why not?
    • Carys got her dress! It's so pretty and she's going to make a wonderful Knight of Honor.
    • Survived two bridal shows. Dear god, those are stressful...
    • Started planning with a caterer. Yay! SoPo Catering has been quite accommodating so far. They're wonderful!
    • Have tables planned. We've got some really cool things in the works for tables. Geeky and fabulous.


    ...Okay, so we've gotten a good amount done so far. That makes me feel better, but there's still planning to be done! I'll link to the vendors another time. Doing so on mobile can be tricky sometimes.

    Added by Cleo on Mon, Feb 16th 2015