Our Wedding Date: October 24, 2015

Our Engagement

  • The PROPOSAL!!!

    I had been planning a proposal to Bill for a while, but didn't know if he would be upset by the fact that I proposed to him, so I waited a bit. Finally, I decided the wait had gone on long enough, and went to a local jewelry store to pick up a ring for him. The initial plan was fairly involved: I would first handmake a replica of a boss key chest from Legend of Zelda, complete with LEDs inside and a magnetic switch that triggered an audio clip of the sound the chest makes in the game when you open it, as you will hear here. It would contain a boss key with the engagement ring on it. Carys and I had it all figured out: we'd stop at the beach where Bill and I had our first date, go for a walk along the ocean, then Carys would say she found something over in the grass. She'd run off, then come back with the chest and say she thought it was for him.


    After planning this all out and starting the chest, I realized that, once again, I was overcomplicating things. Bill has told me time and again that he doesn't want anything crazy (regarding birthdays and holidays, etc) and just wants to spend time with me. Upon that realization, I decided we needed to keep it low-key.


    After dinner one night, Carys was holding one of my purses and asked him to come sit on the sofa with us. As some of you may know, she is going for the world record in pranks, so Bill thought she put down a whoopie cushion for him to sit on, and was hesitant to come over. We promised it was not that, so he came over to sit down next to me. I had everything I wanted to say planned out, and then completely panicked and forgot it all. So, I turned to him and said, "you know I love you, right?" He seemed concerned when I said that, so I asked Carys to make her move. She opened the purse, and handed him a box. He looked at us, and we urged him to open it. When he saw the ring, his initial reaction was to say, "are you sure?"


    Of course I was sure! At that point, Carys was thrilled and gave him the biggest hug she could! It was very sweet, and just perfect. As far as the chest goes, we are going to finish it as a family and use it as the ring box at the wedding.

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