Our Wedding Date: October 24, 2015

Wedding Party

  • The Wedding Party!

    The Bridal Party

    Bridesbros lineup is as follows:

    Andrea: best friend for at least a century, maybe two, Matron of Honor

    Alexandra: baby sister of the bride, towers over everybody yet manages to be the cutest ever, Maid of Honor

    Cal: oldest and mohawkiest sibling of the bride, Bro of Honor

    Carys: daughter of the bride and awesome at pranks, Knight of Honor


    Groomsmen lineup as follows:

    Dan: Best Man, best friend, best DoTA teammate

    Phil: other best friend, the fun kind of crazy, groomsman

    Joe: honorary family member, most excellent uncle to Carys, groomsman


    Flower Girl:

    Maya Fairclough



    Franklin Trumann



    Laurie: Cleo's mom

    Lorna: Bill's mom

    Amber: Cleo's stepmother

    Dana: Cleo's dad

    John: Bill's dad

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