Our Wedding Date: October 24, 2015


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    Q: What should I wear?


    A: We'll have live rockabilly music to swing the night away, so wear something comfy and easy to dance in! No need to dress to the 9's; as long as you are comfortable and feel fabulous, it works!



    Q: Can I bring a +1?


    A: Because our wedding venue has limited seating (and we have a limited budget!), we ask that only those addressed on the invitation attend the wedding. But don’t worry! We’ll make sure you’re seated with others you know. And who knows? Even if you don’t come with a date, you may leave with one!



    Q: Where is the venue?


    A: We are getting married at Thompson's Orchard in New Gloucester, ME. After you get off of I-95 (Exit 63 if you're coming from the south), you'll turn right to get onto US-202. Stay in the right of the two left-turning lanes to turn left and continue on 202. You'll turn left onto Gloucester Hill Rd. After a bit, you'll see the sign for Thompson's Orchard! Go past that, up the hill a bit, and you'll see the upper orchard with the gazebo, and probably some cars already parked. Pull in there and you have arrived! :)


    Q: Are kids welcome?


    Um...ABSOLUTELY!!! We're looking to them to warm up the dance floor! If they are coming, please just include that on the RSVP cards so everybody gets enough food.

    Added by Cleo & Bill on Sat, Aug 8th 2015